5 Golden Rules for Choosing the Right College in South India

Selecting a college for higher studies is a very complicated task and it is easy to make a mistake that you would regret later. Aspiring students should be very careful while choosing a college and should do extensive research on it. Every step of this process should be undertaken carefully as a number of factors affect your decision and sometimes lead you take the wrong decision. Here, we have given  the 5 golden rules that you have to follow while choosing your career path.

  1. You should be the decision maker

    The first crucial rule is regarding the decision making. Although you may take the advice of family and friends, in the end, the sole right and responsibility of choosing the course and college lies entirely with the student. Your choice should be in synch with your interests, skills, passions and ambition and not based on the opinion of others, or based on some current fads. We are not saying that you should blindly reject the advices or opinions of your family and friends. But, do your own research and make a careful study of each course and college and see which ones would suite your needs.
    One great thing that has happened in recent times is that students need not be too concerned about affording a certain course as there are now more options for education loans and scholarships enabling equal opportunities for all. 
    Today, almost anybody can join any course anywhere. For instance, more and more students from Kerala and who wish to do engineering are joining engineering colleges in cities such as Bangalore, Mangalore, Coimbatore. Students from the northern and eastern regions of India who wish to become doctors and nurses are now medical colleges in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 

  2. Don’t follow market trends

    Perhaps you read it in a newspaper that a certain job is on high demand, or that a certain course you can make a lot of money immediately. These are news that can manipulate a student’s or his/her parent’s minds. Most often it is the parents who fall for these hypes and force their children to take courses which they are not interested in. By doing this, they are denying the student’s skills, interests and talents. A student who has a dream of being an architect shouldn’t go into computer science engineering just for the sake of a trend. Instead of joining any engineering college for the sake of this particular course, he/she can explore and join the leading architectural colleges in Bangalore, Mangalore or Coimbatore for B.Arch such as Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore , Oxford Engineering College, Bangalore , SRM Chennai etc.

  3. Don’t choose a course just to be near friends

    Friendship is another factor that we’ve noticed, that seem to influence a student’s higher-studies decisions. It is great to have a strong circle of friends but don’t compromise your passions, skills and ambitions for the sake of them. Just because your friends are going to a particular college, you needn’t opt for the same course unless it matches your skill-sets and goals. Don’t let the fear of losing friendship manipulate your decisions. You can continue your friendship by constantly keeping in touch and catching up on holidays and breaks, it should not be by selecting the same course and college that your friend has selected. Your friend's talents and interests and yours are different. He/she may excel in a field which he/she has selected but you may not. Therefore if your friend is joining B-tech in Mechanical Engineering at Coimbatore, don’t jump the wagon. You go ahead and join your favourite course at your favourite location, let's say you stick with your BDS course at a leading dental college Bangalore.

  4. Don’t give importance to proximity

    Don’t compromise on your higher studies by being overly concerned with proximity of your college to your home. Perhaps there is a college very near to your home or in a convenient bus route, but does not have the course that you want to study, then don’t compromise and choose a course that you are not interested in simply for the sake of convenience. On the other hand, if you find the perfect course that fits your skill-set and passion in a college that is far from your home, do go for it. In this day and age, it is not too difficult to arrange for transportation, there are also very good and safe hostels for students to stay and study so that they can be nearer to the college. If your home is near an engineering college which does not offer Mechanical Engineering, something that you are interested in, then don’t choose an alternative simply because it is the nearest college. Usually you find better options in cities. For instance, almost all engineering colleges in Coimbatore, Mangalore, Chennai and Bangalore will have all the prominent courses with reasonable fee structures. 

  5. Don’t wait till the last moment

    This is very important. You shouldn’t wait till the last moment and hurriedly choose a course. It you wait till the last moment, you might miss out on admission deadlines, entrance exam applications, interview dates etc. of good colleges and compromise for a course or a college that you are not keen on. There is also the danger of admissions getting closed or even the unavailability of seats. Another factor which would be affected through delayed, last-minute admissions  are the fees. Nowadays, most fee structures are just like flight booking. If you chose and take a course well in advance, you may be able to get the best possible fee structure. If you are taking the same course closer to deadline, you may need to pay more money. This is especially true in colleges in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where fees would be less if you are taking the admission early and double in some cases at the end of the admission time. Therefore, if you wish to join BDS, MBBS, BCA, BCom or even engineering courses; then it's better to do your research, take the decision and apply immediately. We are not saying you should jump at the first suggestion that come to you - but invest time to do this quickly and efficiently. Online tools like CampusHunt.in would be helpful to choose the right college throughout colleges in south India.