Hottest Career Opportunities for Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is a career for people who are passionate about the designing, manufacturing and operation of automobiles such as cars, trucks, buses, etc.It is a branch of engineering which involves the study of designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles.This branch uses the features of different elements of engineering such as electrical, mechanical, electronic, software and safety engineering.

Career Prospects :

Automobile engineering is one the fastest growing engineering profile and one of the fastest growing industries. According to InvestIndia, our country is the 7th largest automobile producer in the world with an average annual production of 17.5 million vehicles. According to a report of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM) 2015, India is also the 4th largest automotive market by mass.This sector is expected to sell more than 6 million vehicles by 2020, industry estimatesLooking at this data, it is clear that India is a potential engineering automobile market and jobs in this sector is expected to grow significantly. 

Automobile engineering is now a hot favourite among students who has a strong analytical bend mixed with creativity. This field also offers a lot of employment opportunities in both India and abroad. A lot of foreign companies including Audi, Honda, Vokswagen, Hundai and Renault are focussing on India for automobile manufacturing and you can expect a big zoom in career opportunities in the automobile industry. Moreover, the production facilities of a majority of the automobile companies including Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Ford, BMW and Toyota are in India especially in cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Salem. 

According to an article in Economic Times, India is set to become Mercedes-Benz’s fastest growing market worldwide. Automobile engineers can also enter defense service, transport companies or start their own business by setting up high-end, customized workshops.

Here is a list of the top manufacturing facilities of major automobile companies in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu:   
  •  Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd. 
  •  BharatBenz
  •  Ashok Leyland
  •  Nissan Motor India Private Limited
  •  Renault India Private Limited
  •  Mitsubishi
  •  Hyundai Motor India Limited
  •  Ford India Private Limited
  •  BMW India
  •  Daimler
  •  Honda Motorcycles
  •  Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicles
  •  Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited
  •  Scania Commercial Vehicles India Private Limited
  •  Tata Motors
  •  Volvo Buses India Private Limited
  •  Royal Enfield
  •  Yamaha
  •  TVS Motor    
Job Locations :

Since most of the automobile plants are located within the suburbs of Bangalore and Chennai, students mostly opt for engineering colleges providing B.Tech in Automobile engineering located in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Mangalore etc.  BE in automobile engineering is also available in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore.

Job Roles :

The automobile industry offers many interesting roles including designing, development and manufacturing of vehicles,  maintenance and services in aircraft industries, aviation and marine vessels and  building blueprint of vehicles and its components.

Salary Packages :

The starting salary for an automobile engineer could be Rs. 30,000 and upwards per month during the period of training and this may vary with each company. A line manager may get Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000 per month, depending on their industry and experience. A senior automobile engineers salary could be easily be between Rs.2 - 3 lakh per month in India.


Usually, Tier I cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad may have 4 - 5 Car/Truck/Bus/Bike showrooms of each automobile companies. Tier 2 cities like Cochin, Mangalore and Coimbatore may have 2 to 3 showrooms and service centres. This means the demand for automobile engineers are indeed on the rise!  

Automobile engineering is also recognized as automotive engineering. You can go ahead with this branch if you have considerable understanding and interest in mechanics, mathematics, and electronics. To become an automobile engineer, you need specialized training and it is a profession that requires a lot of hard work, determination, dedication and commitment. 

Automobile Engineers are classified into three streams, which are:
  • Product or Design Engineering
As the name indicates they are responsible for transforming their plans and research into a feasible end product. Design/Production engineer should look after the entire process of manufacturing, with diligent attention to detail.
  • Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing engineers are those who deals with activities that involve creating and assembling the parts of automobiles. Manufacturing engineers have to layout and design the equipment, specification of automation equipment, machine rates, line rates and manufacturing safety methods.
  • Development Engineering
Development engineer’s responsibility is to connect all systems in a completed automobile. They also have the responsibility of directing the delivery of automobile as ordered by the governmental regulations, automobile manufacturer, and the customer who purchase the product.