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The idea in Nano technology

Nano engineering is the study of engineering in the Nano deals in the minute and microscopic units of matter. Nano technology covers such microscopic level of matter both in the chemical and biological spheres. Critical analysis of minute components and details is the all mark in Nano technology.

Studying in one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore has opened many students to this but yet very key aspect industrial application.

Course is ideal for which kind of students:

If you love to look at things in detail and right to the roots and smallest of it, Nano technology offers you the opportunity to explore deep into an aspect of a mix between sciences and engineering field in the Nano particles. If your drift is towards the biological and medical field, you’ll find the study of Nano technology either as a first or second degree of study interesting.

To study nanotechnology engineering in the university you are required no doubt to have a grasp of your biology and chemistry as a major requirement.You must be prepared also to stay long hours in the laboratory for analysis if you want to make the study a worthwhile career later when you graduate from school.

Career opportunity after course :

After years of pursuing a study in universities in India especially the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore, a fulfilling career is next on the line. Nano technology is yet a course with lots of opportunities and still not as saturated like other courses of study. Careers in the field are more in industries such as medical and other biological fields.

Since Nano technology is poised to finding ways to benefiting from the very minute particles of matter, material sciences and engineering fields are all embedded in Nano engineering technology. Nanosystems engineers are well sought after in various chemical and biological processes.

Salary scale in India for the industry:

Unlike in the Us and other European countries where nanotechnology has a strong footing as an industrial practice, yet in the infancy level in India in terms of salaries. Where in the US $95, 500 per annum is pegged fr the average practitioner, there is yet any viable statistical data to hold onto for the Indian economy in the field of nanotechnology.

Available records tend to be assumptions of various publishers over the internet. From a student’s view, Rs 600,000 is given to be an annual scale for fresher while Rs 12, 000, 000 is for the more experiences workers.

This claims are however yet to be verified. Top 10 Companies hiring after the course In India, the companies offering nanotechnology related services abound and employments are done likewise. from popular views monitored however shows other qualifications like electrical engineering graduates gets preferred for many posts leaving qualified nanotechnologists to look elsewhere.

Companies offering nanotechnology services and hiring opportunities are listed as follows:

This may not be in the order of top ten but are some of the industry’s best in India

 1.     Adnano technologies They Supplies carbon nanotubes and provide analytical services.
 2.     Auto fibre craft They provide nano-silver sized powder for electronic applications such as pastes and inks
 3.     Avansa tech and services They render services such as analysis and synthesis of nanotechnology. They also manufacture and                                           supply nano material's used in other industries.
 4.     Bee chems This is a chemical company that manufactures Nano-silica grade products. Silica and aluminum are the basis of the components                   handled in this company.
 5.     Bilcare Bilcare is a security system company employing Nano and micro structure for a type of security system called nonclonable.
 6.     Bottom up technology corporation This is also a manufacturer of nanotubes of graphenes and carbon nanotubes.
 7.     Daburpharma This is a pharmaceutical company employing polymericNano particles in their processes.
 8.     Eris technologies This is a software company but has a training unit for nanotechnology
 9.     Icon analytical equipment They are known for distribution of nanotechnology equipment for industries.
 10.   Nanoshel They specializes in making Nanomaterials especially Nano tubes and nanoparticles