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Today there is lot of competition and every business wants to expand in international market. Every company is looking to represent themselves in the international market. Many companies are hiring MBA in International Management to represent their company with practical and sound knowledge in business. Since companies are looking for MBA in International Management there is scope for students to pursue in this field.

What is the course is all about?
People who are qualified in MBA International Management have no boundaries if they are working in units that are international. They have to move anywhere where the business is located.

MBA International Management is a post graduate course which prepares the students with enough training and knowledge of International business. This degree course is designed to prepare managers with capability and resources in the global economy. Today there is lot of demand for the course and it is increasing day by day. On completion of this course a lot of firms and organizations are willing to offer jobs . Course is ideal for which kind of students MBA in International Management is a two year course after graduation.

Here the students are trained in documentation and procedures that are used in imports and exports. They are also given an idea on how they can approach customers overseas and the fluctuations and conversions in currency.

 MBA students are also instructed about raising capital from the world market. In the first year the students are given the elementary knowledge of management in general in global business. In the second year the students can opt for specializing in marketing, financing and chain management in supplies with stress on global business.

This course is offered by top MBA colleges in Bangalore. The following are the subjects covered under this course, International Logistics, Export and Import Management, Foreign Exchange Management, International Marketing and  International Finance.

To be eligible to join this course the aspirant should finish graduation in any discipline with 50% marks. Students can also join after competing graduation in B Arch, B.Tech, humanities, arts science or medical. They also have to appear for MAT/CAT or any equivalent exam. Career opportunity after course After completing MBA in International Business through top MBA colleges in Bangalore, there are lot of prospects for students in different organizations and corporations. Students can work in private as well as government sectors.

They can also work across the world in global markets.
MBA in International Business can work in India as well as abroad in banking sector, travel and tourism industry, financial institutions, hospitality, security firms, global shipping companies, international logistics, international consultancy firms, courier companies and global tourism sector.

Salary Scale for Freshers and Experienced

On completion of the course the students are offered good salaries by organizations. The prospects are better for postings abroad and also in India. A post –graduate from a reputed institution can get a salary of Rs500,000- 1200,000 per annum and the designation  of the post is as management trainee. Depending on the Company or the organization the salaries for freshers range from INR 509,000 to 1,844,000 per annum. Some reputed companies offer salaries of INR 650,000-2,297,000 per annum. The salary with 1 year experience is INR 290,350 per annum while employees with ten years’ experience get a salary of 1,430,950 per annum.

Top Ten Companies Hiring after the Course

There are lot of opportunities for MBA in International Business. The top ten companies offering jobs are:
·         Bain & Company
·         Mckinsey & Company
·         Booz and Company
·         Deloitte Consulting LLP
·         Goldman,  Sachs & Co
·         JP Morgan Chase & Co
·         Merrill  Lynch & Co
·         Citi
·         Lehman Brothers
·         Boston Consulting Group
In conclusion there are lot of prospects of MBA in International Business in India as well as Overseas with lucrative salaries.