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What is the course is all about? 

 All around us in terms of buildings and structures are all the handiworks of an architect. An architect is someone trained in an architectural institution which involves spatial design, planning, aesthetics and overall construction framework activities. The structures in big cities such as high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are all works of architecture. 

 A bachelor's degree in architecture is an undergraduate study that earns the qualification in B.Arch after duration of five years period. For you to get admission into the top B.arch colleges in Bangalore and other universities in India, you must have taken and passed the JEE architectural papers that are held every year or that of the National aptitude test for architecture (NATA) which is from the regulatory body of the council of Architecture (COA).

If you have your 10+2 or the 10+3 year diploma as well, you can also gain admission to study architecture. You can seek for the top B.Arch colleges in Bangalore and in other regions if you want to be respected as having the top and quality education in the field.

 Course is ideal for which kind of students :

A study in architecture is not for all comers. You must be passionate about the course, especially when it has to do with designing. If you are struggling on creativity and simple technical drawings, please, this course is not for you because if you find yourself in the study and hardly have this passion and initial skills, you might be frustrated out completely from the study.

 This course is for those who are serious and takes to specificity and precision in values. You must also be interested in planning and beautification if you want to be successful in this course.

Career opportunity after course :

Career opportunity in India for an architect is great as comparable to other parts of the world. Architecture though has high paying returns but independence and having your own firm pays better in the long run since you are paid on percentages of the project at hand. That would be huge and great for a B.Arch holder in India. 

You can take your career further to gain more experience with firms and if you want the big pay, real estate companies would let you into having an enjoyable career in terms of the pay package. You may also have a career in the education field as a lecturer. 

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced:

The salary scale for an architectural graduate is very attractive, both home and abroad. If you choose to practice in India, it is mouthwatering to get employed in the top companies especially if you graduated from the top B.Arch colleges in Bangalore with a good degree. 

As a fresher Bachelor’s holder in architecture, you stand to earn Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 360, 000 per annum in India. For the more experienced worker of about 7 years and above, you stand to earn about Rs. 1,200,000 per annum. Know that factors, as your institution of graduation and firm employed into can influence the size of your pay package at the end. 

 Top 10 Companies hiring after the course :

As stated you can choose to be independent which to the most is good, but if you want to gain more industrial practice before starting your own firm, here are top 10 companies you can get the best of offers for your qualification: 
 1. Mazagon Duck Shipbuilders Ltd
 2. Honeywell
 3. Ciena
 4. SITA 
 5. Baker Hudges
 6. Siemens AG
 7. YASH technology
 9. Jacobs
 10. BT