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 BPT Scope in India 2017-2025  What is the course all about?

A bachelor in physiotherapy, BPT for short, is a course that deals in managing movement related problems in humans especially that affecting the bones. This situation can come from genetic malfunction, from an illness such as stroke or from injuries got from accidents. A physiotherapist helps a stroke patient to recover and to learn how to use the limbs again.

Physiotherapists are trained to understand the human anatomy and how each part relates to locomotion in the human body. Physiotherapist uses well learned maneuvers and techniques in improving the mobility condition of a patient. A physiotherapist has well grasp of the anatomy and structural conditions of joints and tissues relating to movements.

Course is ideal for which kind of students:

The ideal person going for a course in physiotherapy must be that person who has the feelings of people at heart in helping out as he would be dealing with all manner of persons on the field. Since a physiotherapist would be working alongside other doctors following the necessary instructions and having hears for them would be desired from an intending student to take up a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy.

You must be the patient and tolerant individual and a good listener too to catch every reaction made by your patient during treatment. You sure need to have good communication skills. For a Bsc in physiotherapy, you can apply to a study in top BPT College in Bangalore for your qualification. You would no doubt need a qualification of a good 10+2 in relevant subjects of study.

Career opportunity after course:

For graduating in top BPT College in Bangalore or other cities in India and around the world, it’s a feat that should be rewarded with a good pay.
Every hospital has got a need for physiotherapy and departments need one or two physiotherapy graduates to work with them. Hospitals including that of government and private establishments would be requiring the services of a BPT.
Rehabilitation centers, trauma centers and private clinics need a physiotherapist to help out patient requiring the need. You may work as a freelancer with much smaller health outfits that may not yet have the need to hire a full time physiotherapist working with them.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced:

Salary for a bachelor in physiotherapist varies as per the experience aside the qualification. For a fresh graduate, he can earn a salary in the range of Rs, 5, 000 and more monthly. If you have been in practice for long and want a change of job to a hospital requiring your services, you may expect something over 60,000 per month depending on your position in the ministry, either as a senior physiotherapist or the chief physiotherapist.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course:

All around, advertisements are placed for a need of physiotherapist in hospitals and centers.  You can have employment in the sports industry, in the medical field and in rehabs. Sporting outfits are one area of need for physiotherapists. Some top 10 companies you can have employment with are:
1.     Achievers spot,  
2.     GENPACT India,
3.     physio365,
4.     Vodaphone India services Pvt Ltd,
5.     United health group information services Pvt Ltd,
6.     Sahyadri Narayana Multispeciality hospitals,
7.     Medi assist India Pvt Ltd 8.     HCL Health Pvt Ltd
9.     UnitedHealth Group
10.   ProSport fitness   

Seeking an appointment in the various companies can be very rewarding. You can take your career to different levels as you grow along in the field. Exposures are some of the privileges you gain when you work with sporting outfits like the nation’s national teams and other domestic clubs who often have international tournaments to participate in.