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Do you want to join B.Sc. Operation theatre technology? 

This is a course that is entirely job oriented. On finishing a B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology, students can handle various aspects of Operation Theatre Technology, Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology, Operation Theatre Management and Operation Theatre Techniques. 

What is the course is all about? 

Students who take up a B.Sc. in Operation Theatre technology are taught to assist doctors for surgery, arrange surgical instruments before surgery, sterilize instruments before commencement of surgery, clean surgical instruments after finishing with surgery, carry out the orders of the surgeon during surgery and take care of anaesthesia equipment. 

B.Sc. Operation theatre technologist is a professional in healthcare, assisting doctors in operation theatres. The duration of the  course is three years and  syllabus for the course include Intensive Care, Applied Anatomy and Physiology, CSSD Procedures, Clinical Pharmacology, Anaesthetics techniques, Medical Ethics and Clinical Microbiology. 

These technologists are needed by hospitals to assist in surgeries like general surgery, spinal surgery, ophthalmic surgery, cardio therapy surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, gynaecology surgery, ENT surgery, urology and plastic surgery. Other subjects that are covered in this course include learning about different surgical procedures, equipment and dosage needed for different treatments, monitoring of patients and ethics of the Operation Theatre.  

Course is ideal for which kind of students: 

To be eligible for the BSc Operation Theatre Technology the student has to complete 10 + 2 with a minimum of 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students can join top BSc Operations Technology in Bangalore to study for the course. 

Some institutes admit students on merit basis. Well known institutes use their own screening for admitting students. This course is ideal for students who like to assist doctors in operations and keep the equipment ready for the operation. 

Career opportunity after course :

There are reputed colleges in India offering these courses for students who like to support doctors in operations theatres. However, given the large number of hospitals that are blossoming across the country, the job market for B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology students is massive. Surgical wards in government and private hospitals are some of the common places where the services of B.Sc. 

Operation Theatre technologists can be used. They see to smooth running of CCU, ICUs beside operation theatres in clinics and hospitals. Operation theatre technicians can get job at operation theatres in hospitals as well as emergency departments. 

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced: 

After passing through top BSc Operations technology Colleges in Bangalore, salaries paid to BSc Operation Theatre Technologists depend on a lot of factors. The skills and aptitude that the student possesses goes a long way in determining how good a salary he will receive. In general, the salary in India is Rs 10,000 - 20,000 a month for a fresher. In case of a government jobs, the salary will be based on the pay scale.

 However, for experienced professionals, the pay can go much higher. Aspirants can either join the work force as BSc operation theatre technologist or proceed for further studies. But with the increasing number of multi-speciality hospitals, those joining this job sector can earn in lakhs. The operation technologist can work in orthopaedics, cardiac and fertility. You can get jobs in the country or overseas depending on your choice. 

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course:

Some of the  Companies  hiring  B.Sc. operation theatre technologist   are :
Impact HR Services Pvt Ltd –Mumbai,  Manipal North side Hospital-Bangalore, Le Human Resources Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pt B D Sharma University of Health Services-Rohtak,  Kanishk Hospital-DehraDun, Rainbow Children Aca –aca Medicare Pvt Ltd-Hyderabad, Professional H R Services-Dhanbad, Fortis Healthcare Ltd-Mumbai, India  International Technical Recruiters, ASG Hospital- Srinagar, Tata Memorial Hospital-Maharashtra. 

To conclude B.Sc. Operations Theatre Technologist have good prospects of getting jobs in India as well as overseas with new hospitals coming up.