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What is the course all about?

X-rays and scan are common terms to us. If you have done an x-ray or seen one before which I believe everybody has, then you probably know who an imaging technologist or a radiographer is. Radiography or imaging technology is the science of taking the images in the hidden parts of the body and using same results to proffer solutions to the ailments of a patient.

It employs the use of radiations such as the x-ray, ultrasound, the MRI and the CT scan. Imaging technology goes from diagnosis to treatment. In a case, the use of radiography can be either for diagnosis only or also for interventional purposes like in the case of using radiography to cure cancer patients.

Course is ideal for which kind of students:

 For any prospecting student in this area, it should be noted that radiography or imaging technology is an interesting course but requires diligence and carefulness in handling medical reports. He is a person who has good communication skill as he would be reporting various imaging records of patients.

In addition to being eligible for admission into the college to study imaging technology, he should have passed the 10+2 or its equivalent in the sciences like chemistry, biology and mathematics, including English language skills. Institutions in India and among the top Bsc imaging Technology College in Bangalore offer provisions for training and qualification. The bachelor’s program which is an undergraduate study lasts three years for the first degree. You can start a process for your admission right away.

Career opportunity after course :

After your training as a technologist or as a technician, career paths abound for your area of specialty and qualification. Imaging technology is one of the growing paramedical courses in India offering some great opportunities to the best of qualified graduates. As technology grows, the image technology profession gets its share with demands both in India and abroad.

You have a career choice in the private or government owned hospitals as a radiographer. Nursing homes and diagnostic centers are all beaming with acquiring the services of an imaging technologist for their imaging needs in their centers. The field is yet for the future and will see further increase with technology as advancement improves in the image capture principle.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced:

As a fresher from the top Bsc imaging Technology College in Bangalore and other cities in India, the entry level salary for a Bachelor of Science holder stands around Rs 160,000 per annum.

The more experienced worker can boast of a better salary monthly. You can choose to take your career outside the chores of India especially to the Middle East where Indian qualification is a premium and as such, the assurance of a higher pay is guaranteed for a bachelor of science in imaging technology. Experienced hands can have a favorable negotiation for better package depending on the years of practice and post Bachelor of Science qualification in India’s territory.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course

For a job placement offering you the best of salaries, you can find some of the top 10 companies presently making offers such as:

Max healthcare institute Ltd,

2.     Manipal hospitals,
3.     Curovis healthcare Pvt Ltd,
4.     Appolo health and lifestyle Ltd,
5.     platinum hospital Mulund,
6.     Nuclear power corporation of India Ltd,
7.     Ace management services Ltd,
8.     Ravi international,
9.     VKR diagnostic healthcare Pvt Ltd
10.   Krsna diagnostics Pvt Ltd.

All have job offers ranging from the need of an x-ray technician to a radiography technologist.