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What is the course all about?

Respiratory technology is a study in medical sciences that caters for the respiratory system. It is a study dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory related illnesses including cardiovascular problems in patients. It is a total management package for patients by respiratory technologists. They not only handle treatments of chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis, they also see to monitor patients having related problems in breathing. They provide the necessary treatments required to help such patients have relief and comfort.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

To have a Bsc in respiratory technology, you must be that person who is passionate and cares much for people. You must be the type who is also ready to see to emergency situations that calls for attention promptly. Heart and breathing related illnesses are very much critical and persons who are more careful will be required to handle patient cases.

Top Bsc respiratory Technology College in Bangalore
offer courses on respiratory technology that you might want to apply for if you have made up your mind to start a career in this field and if you are prepared both mentally and academically. You are sure expected to have your 10+2 qualification with an above 55% pass mark in most admission requirement or its equivalent in the sciences. Physics, chemistry and mathematics are some key subjects you are expected to pass in your secondary leaving certificate and plus two levels.

Career opportunity after course:

As a respiratory technologist, you have a whole lot of career opportunities ahead of you in the practice. Every hospital requires one or two respiratory technologists among their staff for various departments in the hospitals. You can work in respiratory care units, in anesthesiology and trauma centers. Respiratory technologists are also found useful in emergency units where there might be situations of unconsciousness and respiratory issues. You can work in hospitals and organizations as a respiratory therapist, clinical application specialist, as a consultant in heart-lung related company and as a manager in services related to the field.

The scope in the field of respiratory technology is not going to reduce anywhere low in the near future. A respiratory technologist will be much more needed with the spate of security situations and occurrences of varying degrees of injuries and accidents that require respiratory attention. The respiratory technologist working with a team of Emergency Medicine doctors will no doubt help save more lives.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced :

Working as respiratory technologists has its own salary scale with the government and varies accordingly with other private institutions.

In the government scale, a fresher just in the junior level should expect something in the range of Rs, 120,000 to Rs, 180, 000 per annum. For the more experienced staff and with higher qualification, you can expect to earn as much as Rs, 480,000 per annum. There is yet good pay packages in multinational companies who work in areas as peace keeping, rehabilitation and emergency response calls.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course For graduating from the top Bsc respiratory technology College in Bangalore, you deserve the best of employment just like with other professional fields. In the medical industry companies hire all categories of professionals into the various departments.

For a respiratory technologist, the situation is nothing different in employment opportunities.

 Among the top 10 hiring companies are:

1.     Baby memorial hospital Ltd,
2.     perfect manpower consultancy
3.     Philips jobs referrers and Philips India Ltd.
4.     IGIMS-partna
5.     Manipal health enterprises
6.     Tata memorial hospital
7.     GE healthcare
8.     Nadial District Government of west Bengal
9.     Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd
10.   Mesimo