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Is Fashion technology on trends?  
Fashion technology engineering entails all that has to do with human clothing including foot wears and adornment. Fashion engineering technology is an aspect of creative form of art that specializes more in the creation of garments for both men and women. 
It not only makes garments but encompasses manufacture of textiles and fashion materials. It uses skills such as designing, cutting and pattern construction. When we talk of fashion, it is easy for the mind to wonder into the latest trendy tops, shoes and glasses but it goes beyond trends and current styles even though this may not be out of it completely. It is also an aspect in the industry that is made popular by celebrities and social figures in the society.   

Course is ideal for which kind of students:
India offers courses in this field in various schools. The national institute of fashion technology in India for example is a go-to-place if you want a formal education in the fashion engineering technology. For a student who loves styles, creativity and has the prerequisite qualifications, the field is open to all to have a degree on. For a 12th grade student aspiring to take a course in the field of fashion engineering, the basics of sciences of physics, technical drawings and other related qualifications would do for your admission processing into the various institutions offering the courses in India.

Career opportunity after course:
A whole lot of opportunities abound for the fashion engineering technologist. Aside the privilege of working as a self-employed person, the practitioner can find himself in companies like in fashion houses, you can work in film and TV production units, work in fashion magazine outfits and whole lots more places available for any aspiring student to take to the study. 

The top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore and in India generally that you can study fashion engineering technology from are the famous National Institute of fashion technology (NIFT), the Pearl Academy of fashion and Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID).    

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced 
Rs 307, 826 for entry level per year and 720, 000 for experienced level workers The fashion industry is in high demand for workers because of the high level of everyday need for fashionable clothes and wears generally. For entry level graduates into the industry, Rs 307,826 per annum is an average salary expected. More experienced workers for over ten years are estimated to go home annually with an average of Rs 720, 000 salary package. 

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course:
There are many companies in the fold of fashion design and engineering technology. Since fashion engineering technology is in divers spheres, you are bound to find demands for specific areas as designing and broadcasting companies including print media of fashion magazines and the likes. 
Some of the top 10 companies hiring the services of fashion engineering practitioners are Auctus wears Pvt Ltd, Antal international, Bhartial,Dynamicbenefial  accord pvt Ltd, Golden Orchid, Darzi on call Services Pvt Ltd and Kimaya fashion Pvt Ltd. 
It is world of opportunities for those in this industry for the frequency of job advertisements that come quite regularly over time. Getting your training from the best and top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore and working out a job opportunity in the same city puts you ahead of others for Bangalore being that city that has everything working for it. You have right from the top schools and then to top companies from hme and abroad all competing to have spaces to establish their own brand likewise. If you want to know more about higher study in India, Click here